Ackerman Inspections is certified, trained and fully equipped to provide environmental inspections and sampling for mold and asbestos. Please feel free to contact us for information and prices on any of our services.

Mold Testing/inspectioN

If you think that you may have a mold issue, you can breath safely knowing that Ackerman Inspections is certified and trained to offer mold inspection options that can be customized to fit every clients needs.

mold inspection

A mold inspection is visual inspection of the accessible areas only. Our mold inspection can be tailored to include a single room, attic, basement, bathroom, crawl space, outbuilding and/or an entire home.

A certified mold inspector will perform an exterior inspection to determine if there are any areas that may contribute to water seepage. These can include poor soil grading around the foundation, damaged gutter systems, downspouts discharging near the foundation, poor roof drainage, improper drying of the roofing due to overhangs, trees etc. openings, holes, and/or any other defects that may allow water to enter the structure.

Our inspector will then inspect the interior to determine if there are any visible areas that show evidence of surface mold. Using moisture meters, Thermal imaging cameras and probes our inspector will determine if any surface mold, moisture or damage is present.

If surface mold is found during the inspection, our certified mold inspector can obtain samples of the suspected areas for laboratory analysis.

Indoor Air quality

This is our complete mold inspection package with indoor air quality testing. This package includes a Whole House/ Mold Inspection with surface sampling as well as indoor air quality testing.

This package is for those individual who want to determine weather mold is present, what types of surface molds are present and are there mold spores flouting in the air throughout the home. This inspection includes laboratory analysis of any surface samples taken, as well as any air samples taken.

All of our Inspectors are certified and trained to complete a thorough mold inspection by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants. Follow the link for more information on this organization.

At Ackerman Inspections we strive to deliver on our promise to go above and beyond for every client.

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Asbestos Inspections and sampling

Asbestos was commonly used in many different building materials. Asbestos can be seen as insulation on heating pipes, floor tiles, mastics, ceiling tiles and plaster walls.

Although a superior insulating material when asbestos is broken and considered to be in a friable(air borne) state, it has been recognized as a health hazard.

Ackerman Inspections offers all our clients several types of testing that can help identify asbestos materials, as well as determine wheather it has become air borne.

Below are some of the options we offer our clients.

Surface Sampling TEM

Utilizing alcohol wipes we are able to collect a surface sample of settled dust from a home to determine weather the asbestos in question has become friable and is airborne.


Asbestos air sampling at its simplest. These air samples are designed to detect many types of fibers in the air. These test will give a total count of the fibers found in the air, but they do not identify anyone specifically. These are designed to be used when asbestos is the primary concern for our clients.


Air sampling with Identification of different fibers. These tests allow our laboratories to not only count the total number of collected fibers, but also identify the fibers specifically. These tests are designed to be used post remediation to determine that the asbestos in specific has been successfully remediated.

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